What Makes NY Kalimba’s Instruments Unique?


  1. I have designed a hardware-concealing tension system. It is probably easier to understand by looking at a picture, but I will describe it here anyway as plainly as possible. I cut the tube to size and drill holes in it. I drill holes straight through the body of the kalimba, and put screws going through the body and into the holes I drilled in the metal tube. I hide nuts inside the tube, the screws meet up with the nuts and can be tightened to make the tube hold the keys securely in place.

    Hardware concealed in tensioning tube

    Hardware concealed in tensioning tube

  2. Most of my kalimbas have bodies that are shaped like a slanted rectangle. This shape is called a rhombus, and my rhomboid shaped kalimbas are a simple yet refreshing variation on the more common rectangular or trapezoidal shaped kalimbas that are typical of most kalimbas.

    example of "nyKalimba" rhomboid shaped body

    example of a rhomboid shaped body

  3. I have developed a couple of unique tuning systems and key arrangements that offer special benefits for kalimba players. The most significant is the one used in my Ambiras, and the other is used in the kalimba for relaxation and meditation.

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