Relaxation and Meditation

Relaxation and Meditation Copyright 2013 Caleb Schepart

Copyright 2013 Caleb Schepart

This special kalimba is made to be played for relaxing and meditating. This is the only instrument my Grandmother plays, and she plays it everyday! The tuning is unique, it has 8 notes spread across a wide range to play deep, low, medium, and high pitched notes.

Here is a recording of me playing something nice on this wonderful kalimba. The pattern starts very slowly introducing all the notes, then builds up before settling down again. This recording may sound best using headphones or through stereo sound system.

FYI: I didn’t tune the nyKalimba in this recording to exactly A=440, so don’t be thrown off if you have perfect pitch, or use a tuner while listening. The pitches given in the image below are a guide only, I actually like to tune closer to A=444, and starting with a well-tempered tuning I adjust the intervals to suit the unique harmonics that ring out from kalimba tines.

notes on staff large

Certain combinations of these notes combine in a very special way to create “extra” notes. These extra notes are truly sparkling and beautiful. Listening for them is one of the things that makes the experience of playing this nyKalimba so relaxing and meditative. Its sound may be compared to very mellow wind chimes.

Copyright 2013 Caleb Schepart

Copyright 2013 Caleb Schepart

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