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  1. Matt

    Firstly I’d like to say how informative the information you provide is and how wonderful that you give this freely.

    Secondly, the instruments you make are beautiful.

    I’m looking to make my son a 2 octave model for his birthday and wondered if you share me the lengths of the keys on this model.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. nykalimba Post author

      Hi Matt, I am not sure which model you are talking about exactly, but if you tell me what key material you will be using I can send you the measurements. Do you know what kind of tension mechanism you will use? Glad to be of help, Caleb.

  2. Travis


    I’m really interested in that “Tonkori” kalimba you make.

    Do you happen to have any videos or sounds samples available?

    Also – I noticed that it comes with some songs/information.. I’m curious about that, if you have any input.

    The Tonkori usually has 5 notes, right?.. but this has ten – is this to emulate two different tunings?

    Thanks!.. These are all really beautiful!

    – Travis

    1. nykalimba Post author

      Hi Travis,

      The Tonkori Kalimba is a great instrument, the brain child of Ivodne Galatea. This is the best article available on the subject, written by Ivodne: http://theoriesofmelody.blogspot.com.au/2016/01/situated-music-continued-tonkori.html

      If you are interested in getting one I sell them for $85, or $105 if you want a pickup installed. Free songbook included so you can play the traditional tonkori tunes.

      I believe if you do a google search for Tonkori Kalimba that you can find some of Ivodne’s recordings.

      Thanks for your interest…Caleb


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