Welcome to nyKalimba.com,

Here you will find useful information about making and designing kalimbas.

I have worked very hard to develop my innovative “NY Kalimba” designs, and in the process I discovered many popular ways to make and design kalimbas. Kalimbas have changed my life, and now I want to share my kalimba making knowledge with others.

There are countless ways to make a kalimba depending on what materials, tools, and skills you have available. By learning more about these materials, tools, and skills, you will be able to figure out a great design to fit your situation as a kalimba maker.

You can read more about how kalimbas are designed on my make/design page, click here.


Caleb Schepart

-If you are only looking for information about purchasing my kalimbas, click here to visit my Etsy shop.
-If you are searching for a PDF of plans/instructions on how to build a simple yet sturdy kalimba “thumb piano,” click here.